Friday, October 10, 2014

Our worth

There were 2 friends walking and one of them states "here follow me, I want to show you something" he had just come from the ATM machine and proceeded to walk into a local café. She followed him in there wondering what he was going to show her. He proceeds to lay cash on the table and quickly walks away beckoning her to follow at a fast pace. She is boggled by what just occurs but goes with it. As she is wondering about what just happened he asks her, " do you know how much money I just put down in there?" she replies no. He tells her it was 20 bucks. He then asks if she knows why he did that. She guesses that he must have done that to "to be nice to someone?" "No" he responds. " Someone is going to come along and find that money and snatch it up because its 20 bucks. You are worth more than 20 dollars and when someone sees you, they are going to snatch you up because of your worth." Well needless to say that made her feel like she was worth more than 20 bucks but more like a million dollars! That is how God sees us. We may only see our worth as a piece of paper that can only be used for a certain amount of time before we are all used up, but God sees us as priceless. He sees our worth and picks us from this world. He sees what we don't see in ourselves. We may just be lying on a street corner or maybe living in an abusive home, or dealing with a tough situation that we don't feel like we will ever escape from. God sees where we are and he will send the right person at the right time to "snatch us up" and use us for God's kingdom.


Rose Marie Bailey said...

This just rmade my day

Mariah said...

I am so happy to hear that! It is very true!

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